The Next Generation

Reach out and Engage the Next generation of Electrical Workers (RENEW) is a group that was formed for our young members to become activists not only within our Local Union but in the community as well. The Young Members Group is moving forward within our Local as Justin Cooper and Committee directs the younger generation towards understanding this is as much their Union as it is the rest of us.

RENEW Mission

Our mission here at 479 RENEW is to promote the general welfare of our next generation of electrical workers, inspire community activism and to foster a suitable environment to mold and mentor our young leaders within our IBEW Local Union 479.

Through building community coalitions with other non-profit organizations such as Habitat for Humanity as well as various city governments throughout our jurisdiction we have successfully put ourselves in public view as servants to the greater good of all.

479 RENEW is the voice and strength of the next generation of electrical workers. Our feet are firmly planted and our collective direction is clear. We are not the future of the labor movement. We are the labor movement.


 Evan Penisson – Chairman

Jeff Griffin – Co-Chairman

 Britt Simoneaux – Secretary Treasurer

Taylor Rainwater – Recording Secretary

Phillip Messer – Secretary of Social Media

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    RENEW is the future. We are the future leaders and decision makers of IBEW LU 479. We are what our local will be.
    Phillip Messer
    RENEW Military Veterans Advisory Council
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    I stand firm as we unite, regardless of my background , color or creed to enlighten the next generation of IBEW local 479 of the privages, benefits, and opportunities by totally being involved with my local brothers and sisters.
    Brandon McDonald
    RENEW Officer
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    For me it's inspiring to see young people out trying to make a difference, putting in time and effort outside of their lives to help others that's unity. That's brotherhood.
    Anthony Rodriguez
    Secretary of Social Media
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    Our purpose is to engage the next generation of electrical worker and to further the next class of leaders in our local union.
    Dillon Sharp
    IBEW 479 RENEW Recording Secretary
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    We are about lifting Apprentices up and making sure they are getting well rounded training in there craft while bridging the age gap from Journeyman to Apprentice mentorship.
    Chad Morphew
    IBEW 479 RENEW Secretary Treasure