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Membership Development

                        If you are currently working and find yourself going nowhere, but wanting more.

                        We as the I.B.E.W. have things we can offer you.

       1) We Offer TRAINING to help you  learn the trade. 

       2) We Offer you and your family INSURANCE

       3) We  Offer RETIREMENT so you can enjoy the latter years of life

        4) We Also  offer you  a LIVING WAGE to be able to Support yourself and Family 

         5) We offer you the chance to have a CAREER

         6) Last but not least We extend to you the OPPORTUNITY  to come Join our      Family

          If anything we  have to offer interest you Please call us


        Chris Reeves  (409) 504-6968



I believe in the dignity of labor, whether with head or hand; that the world owes no man a living but that it owes every man an opportunity to make a living.

 John D. Rockefeller

Did you know…

The National Labor Relations Act protects employees rights to discuss wages and benefits with co-workers. It has also been ruled that it is a violation of the Act for an employer to discipline its employees for discussing and comparing their current wages with each other. An employer can not make or enforce this type of policy.

  • The Act protects employees rights to talk about Unions with their co-workers.
  • An employer that spies on employees engaging in protected concerted activity, such as Union talk or meetings, can be fined under the Act.
  • Employers do not have the right to discriminate in hiring or firing based purely on Union sympathy or affiliation.
  • The National Labor Relations Act is for ALL employees, not just Union or non-Union. It provides ALL of us with protection.